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Bench Fixture Assemblies

Our Products: Bench Fixture Assemblies
Quality and durability are combined to produce the standard BENCH FIXTURE.  It is connected to the power unit with the black cord.  Its primary function is high production marking of cylindrical and flat metal parts, such as taps, drills, reamers, bearings, drill bushings, plug and feeler gauges.

A clear acrylic plastic forms the base, which is constructed with a reservoir well in which the graphite marking block is secured.  A replaceable WICK is held over the graphite block by a retainer plate.  The stencil is positioned so it reads backwards over the pre-moistened wick.  If precise positioning of the legend is essential, a locating plate is used of the stencil.  This facilitates both speed and accuracy in operation.

The HAND GROUND is then connected to the red cord after removing the alligator clip.  Marking is accomplished by either rolling or placing the part over the legend in the stencil while applying the ground to the part.

Contact a Customer Service Specialist or Sales Engineer today if you would like to discuss your application and see if you can benefit from a BENCH FIXTURE ASSEMBLY.  Customization is available if one of the kits below does not fit your application.
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