MIL-STD-130N, 2d Data Matrix Laser Engraver, Marking UID, Laser Marking, and Etching
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StencilMark™ Imprinter System
Now...Generate Your Own Electro-Chemical Marking Stencils In-House!

Image of 2d Data Matrix Laser EngraverStencilMarkTM impresses die-impression stencil with logos, serial numbers, date codes, nameplates, 1D and 2D data matricies.

StencilMarkTM software input screens are designed for the non-computer user, yet incorporates robust features and functions. This allows shop floor personnel to easily generate stencils for most applications.

  • 2D Data Matrix (Meets ATA Spec2000)
  • Sequential alphanumeric characters
  • Unlimited TruType fonts
  • Easily understood screens
  • WYSIWYG-like preview screen
  • Code 39 bar code
  • Imports symbols and logos
  • Alphanumeric characters from .040" up (also metric)
  • Data codes
  • Curved and angled marking
  • Aligned left, right and centered
  • Adjustable character spacing
  • Halftone printing
  • Straight-through stencil path
  • No-waste leader retraction
  • Tear-off blade
  • Automatic stencil thickness sensor
New, Low-Cost Marking System Meets ATA Spec 2000 for Commercial Aircraft and Engine Metal Parts



Industry standard software for IUID Encoding using the DOD Standard MIL-STD-130N

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