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IUID is a Department of Defense program that will enable easy access to information about DoD possessions that will make acquisition, repair, and deployment of items faster and more efficient.

The benefits of IUID are numerous:
  • Item visibility regardless of platform or “owner”
  • Lower item management costs
  • Item data necessary for top-level logistics and engineering analysis
  • Accurate sources for property and equipment valuation and accountability
  • Improved access to historical data for use during systems design and throughout the life of an item
  • Better item intelligence for warfighters for operational planning
  • Reduced workforce burden through increased productivity and efficiency
  • Improved inventory accuracy
What is Item Unique Identification-IUID?

IUID of items is accomplished by marking each qualifying item with a permanent 2-dimensional data matrix. The data matrix is encoded with the data elements necessary to construct a Unique Item Identifier (UII) which is globally unique and unambiguous. The data elements required to form a UII include the format Identifier, the manufacturer’s identification (i.e. cage code) and the item’s serial number. If the manufacturer serializes within part number, that data element will also be encoded.

Because the data matrix is machine-readable, IUID marking greatly reduces human error and improves the accuracy of inventory and acquisition records.

The UIIs are stored in comprehensive registries which will allow easy access to information such as acquisition cost and life-cycle data. The registries will be maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).

Every IUID delivery includes the required data elements describing the end item and the “pedigree” of embedded items. This data is captured during the acceptance process via the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) application, or after acceptance via direct data submission. Items marked with IUIDs accelerate the receipt and acceptance process, allowing DoD to submit payment to its vendors in a timely fashion, thereby saving on late charges.

  1. This standard is approved for use by all Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD).
  2. This issue of MIL-STD-130N Change 1 provides increased insight and giuidance for the implementation of machine-readable information (MRI) processes for item identification marking. Based solely on non-Government standards, MRI provides a valuable tool for asset management from acquisition through manufacture to logistics. However, application of human-readable (HRI) item identification marking is still necessary for many end users of the identified item. Finding the most effective use of both, either singly or in combination, is the prime responsibility of the acquiring activity.
  3. This standard provides the criteria by which product designers develop specific item identification marking requirements. Product designers must include in product definition data specific requirements as to marking content, size, location, and application process. Simply stating in the product definition data that the marking be in accordance with this standard is not sufficient for initial manufacture and subsequent production of replenishment spare items.
  4. Definitions provided in Section 3 and used throughout this standard are oriented primarily towards the product designer’s use of prevailing engineering documentation terminology. Some conflict with terminology applied throughout the Automatic Information Technology disciplines may occur. Every effort has been made to ascertain potential conflicts and provide clear definitions for application in this standard and to cite the published source of existing definitions used.
  5. Acquiring activities must also properly apply this standard in their contractual instruments. As with product designers, simply stating that items produced under a contract shall be marked per MIL-STD-130N Change 1 is not sufficient. They must clearly state that item identification marking is required and that development of specific item marking requirements be based on the criteria provided in this standard.



Industry standard software for IUID Encoding using the DOD Standard MIL-STD-130N

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